1) How can I find events by my city, region or any another country?

You can find the events you want by selecting their Type (e.g. festivals, concerts, music genre). You can tailor your search in our site and also in your account.

2) How do I use the Create Section?

The Create your Event Section has two main functionalities, which are available for both Individuals and Professional Event Planners accounts:

Events: Easily create events of any category (e.g. from a birthday party to a crowded jazz festival).

Pages: You can create and customize one or more Event Pages to generate engagement with your fans and keep them updated with new events. This will allow you to gain more popularity within users sharing the same interests.

3) What is the Invite List?

The Invite List function represents a simple way to invite multiple users at once to your Event. This saves time as it takes care of the hassle of inviting them one by one –less clicking. Users can create as many lists as they deem convenient and organize them accordingly (e.g. Friend List - Birthday List - Event List).

4) Is there a way to view all Events where I have participated?

Yes, we have a handy History section in the site. All events are automatically moved to History as soon as their indicated date passes. This function allows all participants to view, comment or add their photo to the Event Page, which is the best way to have events remembered for good.

5) Can I link my event to a Venue or Organization?

Yes! When you create an Event you have the option to link your Event to a Venue. Please take into account that you must have the permission from the venue owner to place a link to their page. We reserve the right to ask for authorization evidence to make sure they have cleared you for an affiliation on their Page on Vinviter. Event Planners can Link their own organization page to any Event and be marked as creators/sponsors.

6) I don’t want my event to be public! Is there a way to make it private?

Yes! We take into account that some Event planners just want to organize a meeting for their beloved ones, or perhaps they want to host a very select, invitation-only event. By marking your Event as private, no public user will be able to see it. That way, only the people you invited and your selected Administrator users will be able to see the private Event.

7) How can I name users as Administrators for my Event?

You can grant Administrator rights to a Vivinter user in order for them to share your Event or Pages with others, manage the Event, invite users, edit attendee list, tickets and more. This function will work on both the Event and Pages section of your Vivinter account.

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