About Vinviter

Vinviter is a premier online solution that seeks to disrupt the event-planning landscape. Vinviter was created for both Individuals and Professional Event Planners. Whether you’re a veteran event planner or a complete novice, Vinviter can help enhance your events like never before --and make them easier, too.

At Vinviter, we provide our users with the functionalities to create the type of events they want, when they need to. You can sort your event type with our category list, ranging from simple birthday parties to big, crowded festivals. Once an event has been categorized, our provided tools and features can help by sending invitations, tracking them, monitor reservations and more. This is how event planning should be.

When you create events with Vinviter, your events are stored and saved on our secure databases. This way you can enrich event attendee’s experiences by letting them add photos and other content to events even after they have occurred. Our systems study our user’s behavior, providing you with ideal suggestions for optimization of present and future events.

Our user community is our core premise. It is made of sophisticated consumers that need to satisfy their personal needs for events they can’t easily find anywhere else, catered to their own tastes. Our platform is nurtured and closely protected by our team, helping us and our event planners to prosper, while keeping our final customers happy and satisfied --returning customers. We diligently pursue these goals by providing a world-class online event planning, management, marketing, promotion and ticket tracking experience, along with premium customer service.

Our Mission

Vinviter has made its core mission to provide a first-rate platform to communicate event organizers and attendees, everywhere, anywhere. Our team has access to the best tools and cloud based services that the market demands from us in order to reach a global audience, and our customers find it easy to find the events they wish for, quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to create neighborhood-targeted private events or if you want to organize large, publicly promoted events for a specialty market, you can turn to us, Vinviter, for your event planning needs.

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